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The Ratagon Strategy

This little planet that we all live in is under more pressure than ever before. Our rivers are being polluted and seas are contaminated with vast quantities of harmful and poisonous substances that we, as human beings just throw away.

However, around the world, there are companies like us who are trying to change all of this, such that our children and grandchildren will have a sustainable future to look forward to. Our focus in this is on reducing and eliminating the use of toxic rat poison.

Statistics demonstrate that in 2015, the global rodenticide (toxic poison) market size was worth $723.86 million. By 2022, it is projected that this market size will be nearer $1.23 billion. 

In the UK, every year farmers spend £millions on rat poison. We don’t blame farmers, as up till now apart from barbaric traps, this is all that has been available. But we are committed to help our customers and our planet by providing patented technological innovation never before available. This will preclude the use of poisons and in this there are many benefits, not least the fact that it will make the end of life for rats and mice better than it has ever been.

We believe that more of us than ever before do care about the future and if we all join together in this, despite the size of the problem, we can make a difference. The issues facing our planet are huge, and governments it seems are slow to act, but honest, trusted businesses like ours can join together and show the way.

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The World's First Painless Rat Trapping System.

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