The Ratagon System

The Ratagon System


The Ratagon Alternative

Our unique trapping system is unlike anything else. 

It comprises:

  • Several traps to suit the size of infestation
  • A dispatching chamber
  • A supply of carefully-researched rat bait
  • Several environmentally-friendly biodegradable bags



Rats are enticed into the trap by our irresistible (smelly) food.

The trap provides a metal, tunnel-like structure – rats like tunnels.

The metal casing allows that the operative never has to touch the rat.

Admired by environmentalists – one end can be opened to release a non-target species unharmed.


Once captured, the rat while still in the trap is placed into the dispatching chamber.

The chamber is plug and go and requires no special training.

Powered by a safe, 12 volt supply to suit the country in which it is being sold.

It has two chambers and can process 20 rats per hour (cost per rat 1p).

The operative closes the door.

The LCD screen confirms the system operable.

The operative presses a button.

The system runs automatically.

A buzzer sounds after approx five minutes advising completion.

The clear end panel on the trap is opened and the dead animal is dropped into the disposable bag.

The bag can safely go to landfill.