Rat Trap

Ratagon Trap

Our patented Rat Trap is the best solution to catch rats.

  • Metal construction – will provide years of use.
  • All-round casing allows that you never have to touch a rat, once caught.
  • Clear, patented openable end panel allows a non-target species to be released un-harmed.
  • The opened panel allows bait to be placed at ‘trigger’ end of the chamber.
  • Trap door closes instantly once triggered.
  • Mechanism very quick and safe to set / operate.

How It Works

Once the rat has been dispatched (in the chamber), simply open the end panel and drop the dead rat into the biodegradable bags (supplied) that can then go to landfill.

Carcasses can be safely disposed in accordance with SEPA regulation (WAT-RM-46).

Rats are drawn to the trap by the irresistible rat-food (bait) that we provide.

Full instructions are supplied on where and how to place and set a trap, what to do when a rat has been caught and how to set another trap in the same place to replace it – thus increasing the potential for more captures.


We have various purchasing options available. If you have any queries, please contact us here.