Targeted Pest Control, Not Everything is Vermin

Targeted Pest Control, Not Everything is Vermin

Many businesses operate in environments where wildlife is aplenty. What happens when you need to target rats only, in an environment where wildlife, especially protected wildlife live?

If you use snap traps, glue boards or poison you will kill anything that comes in contact with such trapping methods. This is bad news for both you and the animal you have just killed. Often pets roam areas where traps are laid, rat poison will kill a human which means it has no problem killing a curious cat or dog.

Ratagon’s goal is to only kill what needs to be killed, the death of a single non target species we consider a failure.

How Ratagon Solves this

The dispatching of the animal does not take place at the scene, the animal is trapped and should you, for example, have caught an endangered red squirrel, the animal can be released immediately. We supply bait to be used which will be outside and inside the trap and provide enough food to sustain the trapped animal until the operator has returned to the scene to assess the trap and to release if necessary.

The welfare of animals is extremely important to us and by using Ratagon, you can ensure that no animals will be killed apart from the targeted species.

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